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SOS Health and Hope

Each year the ASC hosts a Give Back Program Community Service Project. The goal of this program is to give back to the local communities that we are visiting for the ASC Annual Convention and Expo. This past April, the…


A Snapshot of STI Polymer

a quick glimpse at who we are We specialize in developing and manufacturing custom polymers, particularly acrylic and styrene acrylic polymers, for a variety of applications including adhesives, paints, coatings, and labels. We focus on high solids, pressure-sensitive polymers and…


Spring Cleaning

5s methodology – what is it? Here at STI Polymer we practice 5S, a five-step methodology that helps create a more organized and productive workspace. The 5 pillars of this methodology are, Sort (Seiri), Set in Order (Seiton), Shine (Seiso),…


Louisville, Here We Come!

STI POLYMER takes on the 2024 asc annual convention and expo It’s time for STI’s next endeavor! We will be making our way to Louisville, Kentucky for the Adhesive and Sealant Council Annual Convention and Expo from April 15th to…

Core Shell Polymer Technology

Core Values, Shell Brilliance

Core-Shell Technology in Paint Polymers If you are searching for reasons to use a paint that has core-shell technology, look no further. We have mapped out 7 advantages to using core-shell technology paint polymers. 1. Enhanced Durability: The core-shell structure…


New Year. Same Us.

who are we? We are a reliable manufacturer specializing in water-based acrylic and styrene acrylic emulsions, catering to various industries such as Construction Adhesives, Tape and Label Adhesives, and Paints and Coatings. Where are we? Our state-of-the-art production facility is…

Bourbon In Glass

Let’s Bond

Impact, Value, Commitment Your decisions today will indeed have an impact on your polymer supply and pricing in 2025. While "the big boyz" may seem attractive with sudden interest in lower volume accounts, it's essential to consider the cyclical nature…

Canned, Nonperishable Goods And Food On A Table At The Salvation Army

Polymer with Purpose

At STI Polymer, community is at the heart of our values. In our ongoing commitment to giving back, we have recently partnered with The Salvation Army, an organization dedicated to uplifting those in need. In collaboration with The Salvation Army,…


From Lab to Life

research and development at sti polymer ... where imagination meets execution In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, Research and Development (R&D) teams play a pivotal role in driving innovation and creating custom products that cater to the unique needs and…

Water Droplets With Waves In A Circle

Make Waves for Water-Based Polymers

7 Reasons Water-Based Polymers are Superior to Solvent-Based Polymers 1. Environmental Friendliness: Reduced VOC Emissions: Water-based polymers have lower volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions compared to solvent-based polymers. VOCs can contribute to air pollution and have adverse effects on human…

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