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Pressure Sensitive Polymers in Flooring, Roofing and Tape & Label Markets

In the flooring, roofing, and tape & label markets, the use of pressure-sensitive polymers with high solids content can offer several benefits due to their unique properties. Check out some of the unique properties:

Flooring Market:

Carpet Tile: High solids pressure-sensitive adhesives can provide a strong bond between carpets and subfloors. The adhesive’s thickness helps compensate for irregularities in the subfloor, ensuring proper adhesion even on uneven surfaces.

Vinyl Flooring: Pressure-sensitive polymers are commonly used to install vinyl flooring tiles and planks. High solids content ensures a durable bond between the flooring material and the substrate.

Roofing Market:

Membrane Roofing: High solids pressure-sensitive adhesives are used in the installation of roofing membranes. They offer reliable bonding for various roofing materials, such as modified bitumen and single-ply membranes.

These adhesives can speed up roofing installation compared to traditional adhesives that require curing time. The immediate bond formation helps contractors work more efficiently.

Tape and Label Market:

Flexible Packaging: In the packaging industry, pressure-sensitive adhesives with high solids content are used to seal flexible packaging materials, ensuring secure closure and protection of contents.

Pressure-sensitive adhesives simplify packaging processes. They eliminate the need for heat or solvent-based sealing methods, enabling faster production and reducing energy consumption.

In all these markets, the combination of pressure sensitivity and high solids content offers reliable bonding, quick application, and ease of use. These properties are particularly valuable in industries where efficient installation, quick assembly, and strong adhesion are essential for ensuring product quality, durability, and safety. Not to mention the value of sustainability through our water-based polymers.

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