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Bourbon In Glass

Impact, Value, Commitment

Your decisions today will indeed have an impact on your polymer supply and pricing in 2025. While “the big boyz” may seem attractive with sudden interest in lower volume accounts, it’s essential to consider the cyclical nature of markets. Just as we saw in 2008-2009 and 2020-2022, market conditions will eventually correct themselves, putting the supply of acrylate back at its “normal demand”. It’s perplexing that companies continue to be swayed by “the big boyz” during times of weak market demands, only to be left in a vulnerable position when the markets normalize and their interests no longer align. History shows that the “big boyz” will face certain challenges, their capacity will be tested forcing them to choose between strategic large accounts and through-put businesses. It’s predictable that they will prioritize the former, leaving you in a familiar position. They may reach out with promises to stick with you regardless of market conditions, but it begs the question: Do you want to go though this situation again?

So rather then severing ties with a valued long-term supplier like STI Polymer solely to save money during tough times, consider the long-term value in our commitment.

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