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The spotlight this week is on one very impressive and outgoing Blend Technician, Veli Bozkurt. We all know it takes a lot of knowledge and patience to cook up an intricate recipe, but it also requires good teamwork. Fortunately, Veli’s got it down when it comes to teamwork since his communication skills are off the chart.

By tearing Veli away from his coworkers and friends, we were able to dig a little deeper and discover what makes Veli so personable. In his spare time, he loves hanging out with his friends and family, who want him there equally as bad. Veli is the life of the party making him a regular on the top of every guest list.

Thanks to his warm personality, not only does production move smoothly but work becomes a little bit more enjoyable too. Without you we wouldn’t be able to produce such A-LIST products. We can’t thank you enough Veli, keep up the great work!

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