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Konnichiwa! Aloha! Ni Hao! Hello and thank you for stopping by to read about this week’s special feature, Diann Foran. Diann is our Quality Manager at STI Polymer and you can find her in the lab working and working to ensure the product that makes it to you is exactly what you were looking for.

This type of consistent hard work not only makes her incredibly qualified for her position, but it also shows in daily lifestyle. If you thought being able to count to ten in both Spanish and English was cool, wait til you hear this: Diann smashes your 2 languages, doubles it and adds one. Diann can count to ten in FIVE different languages without any hesitation.

This sort of unwavering focus is what allows her to be incredible at everything she does. So MERCI, Diann, for honoring us with your daily commitment and hard work!  

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