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In five seconds you will fall into a trance… You will forget all of your worries and read every blog post from here on out… Oh good! Thanks for sticking with us on this blog post! This week we’d like to introduce to you our Human Resources Manager, Darrell Parker! Better than a college scout and encyclopedia, Darrell knows all things recruiting and can answer any question regarding your employee rights.

Being easy to talk to certainly helps in the office, but one could also assume it would help him to become certified as a Hypnotherapist. That’s right, Darrell is currently studying to become a stage hypnotist and hypnotherapist alongside all of the daily duties Human Resources provides. Darrell is currently a student of VH1’s “best stage hypnotist”, Michael C. Anthony. Maybe you will find him on CBS or ABC one day alongside Mr. Anthony as they hypnotize groups of brave souls for audience entertainment. 

Clearly, tackling both of these tasks takes an immense amount of hard work and that’s why he is our SPOTLIGHT for this week. Thank you for all the elbow grease and interesting facts you provide us with on a day to day basis!


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