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STI Polymer is proud to announce our 2020 kaizen award winners!

“Kai” = change “Zen” = good

One of the founding principles of STI Polymer is continuous improvement in all areas of operation. Each year, STI employees submit many creative ideas for enhancement, which are reviewed and implemented by our “Kaizen Team”. Every kaizen that is implemented is a possible contender for the President’s Award for Continuous Improvement. Even with all of the challenges of 2020, STI employees worked hard to find ways to positively affect our people, process, profit and safety.

From STI Polymer President, Jeff Lamb:

“Congratulations the the winners! These are great ideas that will lead to concrete improvements for our company. And thanks to all those who submitted ideas this round. We had a great response with over 50 ideas that were implemented during 2020! This program is a strength of STI Polymer and I appreciate everyone’s participation.”

Thanks again to our employees for your hard work and dedication in making positive impacts on both the immediate, and long-term success of STI Polymer!

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