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The winners of our 2017 Kaizen program have officially been announced!

 “kai” = change       “zen” = good

Awards were presented to the individual with the idea that had the biggest impact in one of 3 areas:          People, Process and Profit.

Congratulations and a huge THANK YOU to these employees that continue to contribute to STI’s success.


From our President, Jeff Lamb:

“Congratulations to our Kaizen Award winners for 2017!

One of the founding principles of STI Polymer is a dedication to continuous improvement in all areas of operations. The success of this “Kaizen” program relies on the valuable contributions of our team members, who have consistently developed creative ideas to benefit the company and our team members in concrete ways. This year’s winners demonstrated their dedication to everyone’s success by developing innovative proposals that will have both immediate and long-term positive impacts on the company. Congratulations to them for these ideas that will benefit us all!”


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